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The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare(2005)  무료배송

지은이 : Dobson & Wells
출판사 : Oxford
판수 : 1 edition
페이지수 : 572 pages
ISBN : 0192806149
예상출고일 : 입금확인후 2일 이내
주문수량 :
도서가격 : 품절

From the conjectured identity of the Dark Lady of the Sonnets to misprints in the First Folio, from Shakespeares favorite figures of speech to the staging of Othello in South Africa, The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare offers the most comprehensive coverage available on all aspects of Shakespeares life and works.

Illustrated with more than 100 photographs and boasting contributions from a team of internationally renowned scholars (including such noted Shakespeare authorities as Helen Vendler, Park Honan, and Jonathan Bate), the Companion has more than 3,000 entries that offer succinct, stimulating, and authoritative commentary on Shakespeares life and times, his plays and poems, and their interpretation around the world over the last four centuries. All Shakespeares plays from As You Like It and Alls Well that Ends Well to King Lear and Hamletare covered in major articles. There are concise descriptions of allusions in Shakespeare (Ajax, Agamemnon), well-known critics (Samuel Johnson, John Dryden), great Shakespearian actors (Richard Burbage, Lawrence Olivier, Kenneth Branagh), characters in the plays (Mercutio, Ophelia), figures of speech (metaphor, metonymy, oxymoron), and much more. Longer articles explore topics such as Shakespeares birthplace, censorship, the Chamberlains Men, film, and Shakespeares reception in such countries as China, Italy, and the United States.

Bringing its readers up to date not only with the latest in Shakespearian scholarship and controversy but with the plays most recent incarnations on stage, film, and in international popular culture, this is the perfect companion to Shakespeares works, covering everything from Aaron to Zeffirelli, and from Shakespeare in schools to Shakespeare in Love.
Michael Dobson is Professor of Renaissance Drama at the University of Surrey Roehampton. He has also taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Harvard University, and Oxford.
Stanley Wells is Chairman of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and Professor of Shakespeare Studies Emeritus, and Director of the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. He has been the general editor of the Oxford Shakespeare since 1978.

Thematic Listing of Entries;
List of plays;
Note to the reader;
Oxford Companion to Shakespeare A-Z;
The British Isles and France in the English Histories and Macbeth;
The royal family in Shakespeare's English Histories; Shakespeare's life, works, and reception: a partial chronology;
Further reading;
Picture acknowledgements

`Review from previous edition Ought to find a place on every relevant bookshelf' Times Literary Supplement

`the splendid new Oxford Companion ... will prove a true and long-lasting friend to anyone with an interest in Shakespeare .... This Companion will be a valuable first port of call for the research student and for the general reader or playgoer with a particular question in mind. It is also eminently suitable for the browser ... entertains and informs in equal measure.' Around the Globe

`The reference book to which I expect to be referring the most in this year's crop is The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare. Opening such books is like sitting down with a knowledgeable friend. Not a bore or a know-all, but a genuinely well-informed chum. The new Shakespeare has already distracted me for hours.' Sunday Times

`Now this is fun ... plenty of room for teeming fact and teasing marginality. The contributors keep their prose elegant and their tone dry.' Plays International

`Packed with information ... one of the most comprehensive reference works on the Elizbethan author's life, works and times' Writers News
"This guide is beautifully illustrated and carefully written by many of the finest Shakespeare scholars alive (there are entries by Helen Vendler, Park Honan, Jonathan Bate, Stephen Orgel, and many others). It is a joy to simply open it to a random page and read. There is an admitted and fairly strong bias toward British Shakespearians and productions, but this helps focus the book and give it a depth many similar guides lack. That doesn't mean it's a provincial book, however, for there are numerous entries surveying Shakespeare across the world and in a variety of contexts. One of the most helpful aspects of the book is an outline of categories and entries at the beginning, a remarkably useful aid when terminology or names slip your mind. It is helpful, but not necessary, to have a copy of the Oxford Shakespeare to refer to, since titles, chronologies, and line references are all keyed to it. "

"Here's a book about Shakespeare that isn't written as if the only people who had ever cared about him were graduate students -- not that graduate students won't use it all the time, or that it isn't written by the top Shakespeare experts in the world (the contributors include the likes of Stephen Orgel and Helen Vendler), but unforced, unpretentious enthusiasm for Shakespeare and all sorts of things done in his name breathes from every page. It's beautifully illustrated and what's more the research is all fresh -- there's lots of stuff in here that has never been in a Shakespeare reference book before (eg some of the images, lots of stuff about Shakespeare on recent film and TV and radio and in popular culture, newest finds in textual studies and biography). You can read it from A to Z and it's a good read. Fabulous present for anyone studying Shakespeare at any level and especially for anyone who just likes reading the stuff or seeing it acted. It'll help you fall in love with Shakespeare all over again. "

"I bought this based on the Amazon.com reviews. I haven't been as impressed as others. It's written for a high school or a very general audience. As a high school reference, it's probably very good. At anything beyond a basic level, however, the book falls short. For example, the entries for many of the minor historical characters are so brief as to merely mention the play in which they appear -- even though I know these characters have relevant familial ties, particularly to royal families. I'm not sorry I bought it; I was just expecting a bit more depth considering its cost. It's fun to browse through (lots of interesting facts to stumble upon, and many beautiful illustrations) but the bottom line is that this book rarely provides sufficient answers to my specific questions. It doesn't really qualify as a reference book beyond an elementary level. I doubt this is the best source of its kind. I plan to do what I should have done in the first place, go to a library and compare the available Shakespeare handbooks. I'm certainly not going throw this book away, but I'm going to have to look for one that better suits my needs. "
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