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Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies  무료배송

지은이 : Mona Baker
출판사 : Routledge
판수 : 1st
페이지수 : 654
ISBN : 0415255171
예상출고일 : 입금확인후 2일 이내
주문수량 :
도서가격 : 품절

This ground-breaking encyclopedia explores translation studies, currently developing into a serious field of study, with its own vocabulary, theories, and research. Baker (translation studies, Univ. of Manchester Inst. of Science and Technology) has gathered an impressive group of contributors, including Umberto Eco, Theo Mermnas, Luis Kelly, and Judith Woodsworth, to create an encyclopedia that defines this new discipline. The first part, a dictionary section, explains and defines the vocabulary and concepts in signed entries ranging from two to six pages. Entries include cross references and suggestions for further reading. The second section introduces the translation traditions of 31 cultures, including African, Greek, Chinese, Russian, and French. Each of these lengthy entries includes a history of translation in the culture, theories at work, biographies, and further reading. The complexity of communication, the direction of the academic discipline, and the richness of translation activity are all clearly illustrated. A 55-page bibliography, an introductory overview, and an exhaustive index round out this essential purchase for all academic libraries.?Neal Wyatt, Chesterfield Cty. P.L., VA Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Mona Baker is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Manchester, UK. She is co-founder and editorial director of St. Jerome Publishing, a small press specializing in translation studies and cross-cultural communication. Apart from numerous papers in scholarly journals and collected volumes, she is author of In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation (Routledge 1992), Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account (2006) and Founding Editor of The Translator: Studies in Intercultural Communication (1995- ), a refereed international journal published by St. Jerome since 1995. She is also co-Vice President of the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS).

Gabriela Saldanha is Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK. She is founding editor (with Marion Winters) and current member of the editorial board of New Voices in Translation Studies, a refereed online journal of the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies, and co-editor (with Federico Zanettin) of Translation Studies Abstracts and Bibliography of Translation Studies.

--This text refers to the Hardcover edition
List of figures and tables viii
List of consultant editors ix
List of contributors x
Introduction xiii
Permissions acknowledgements xix
Part I: General
Action (theory of `translatorial action') 3 (2)
Christina Schaffner
Adaptation 5 (3)
Georges L. Bastin
Analytical philosophy and translation 8 (5)
Kirsten Malmkjoer
Anthologies of translation 13 (3)
Armin Paul Frank
Association internationale des interpretes de 16 (1)
Conference (AIIC)
Janet Altman
Auto-translation 17 (4)
Rainier Grutman
Babel, tower of 21 (1)
Douglas Robinson
Bible translation 22 (7)
Eugene A. Nida
Communicative/functional approaches 29 (4)
Ian Mason
Community interpreting 33 (4)
Cecilia Wadensjo
Compensation 37 (3)
Keith Harvey
Conference and simultaneous interpreting 40 (5)
Daniel Gile
Contrastive analysis and translation 45 (5)
Michael Hoey
Diane Houghton
Corpora in translation studies 50 (3)
Dorothy Kenny
Court interpreting 53 (4)
Muhammad Gamal
Decision making in translation 57 (3)
Wolfram Wilss
Didactics of translation 60 (3)
Hans J. Vermeer
Direction of translation (directionality) 63 (4)
Allison Beeby Lonsdale
Discourse analysis and translation 67 (4)
Basil Hatim
Drama translation 71 (3)
Gunilla Anderman
Dubbing 74 (3)
Mona Baker
Brano Hochel
Equivalence 77 (3)
Dorothy Kenny
Explicitation 80 (5)
Kinga Klaudy
Federation internationale des traducteurs 85 (2)
Jean-Francois Joly
Free translation 87 (4)
Douglas Robinson
Game theory and translation 91 (2)
Michael Cronin
Gender metaphorics in translation 93 (4)
Lori Chamberlain
Hermeneutic motion 97 (3)
Douglas Robinson
History of translation 100 (6)
Judith Woodsworth
Ideology and translation 106 (5)
Peter Fawcett
Imitation 111 (1)
Douglas Robinson
Interpretive approach 112 (2)
Myriam Salama-Carr
Intertemporal translation 114 (3)
Douglas Robinson
Language teaching, use of translation in 117 (3)
Guy Cook
Linguistic approaches 120 (5)
Peter Fawcett
Literal approaches 125 (2)
Douglas Robinson
Literary translation, practices 127 (3)
Peter Bush
Literary translation, research issues 130 (4)
Jose Lambert
Machine-aided translation 134 (2)
Karl-Heinz Freigang
Machine translation, applications 136 (4)
Harold L. Somers
Machine translation, history 140 (3)
Harold L. Somers
Machine translation, methodology 143 (6)
Harold L. Somers
Metaphor of translation 149 (4)
Ruth Evans
Metaphrase 153 (1)
Douglas Robinson
Models of translation 154 (3)
Theo Hermans
Multilingualism and translation 157 (4)
Rainier Grutman
Normative model 161 (2)
Douglas Robinson
Norms 163 (3)
Mona Baker
Paraphrase 166 (1)
Douglas Robinson
Poetics of translation 167 (3)
Edwin Gentzler
Poetry translation 170 (6)
David Connolly
Polysystem theory 176 (3)
Mark Shuttleworth
Pragmatics and translation 179 (4)
Basil Hatim
Pseudotranslation 183 (2)
Douglas Robinson
Psycholinguistic/cognitive approaches 185 (5)
Roger T. Bell
Publishing strategies 190 (4)
Terry Hale
Pure language 194 (3)
Peter Bush
Quality of translation 197 (3)
Juliane House
Qur'an (Koran) translation 200 (5)
Hassan Mustapha
Reviewing and criticism 205 (6)
Carol Maier
Script in translation 211 (7)
Gordon Brotherston
Semiotic approaches 218 (4)
Umberto Eco
Siri Nergaard
Shakespeare translation 222 (4)
Dirk Delabastita
Shifts of translation 226 (5)
Matthijs Bakker
Cees Koster
Kitty van Leuven-Zwart
Signed language interpreting 231 (4)
William P. Isham
Skopos theory 235 (3)
Christina Schaffner
Speculative approaches 238 (2)
Marilyn Gaddis Rose
Strategies of translation 240 (4)
Lawrence Venuti
Subtitling 244 (5)
Henrik Gottlieb
Term banks 249 (2)
Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh
Terminology, applications 251 (4)
Juan C. Sager
Terminology, standardization 255 (3)
Juan C. Sager
Terminology, theory 258 (4)
Juan C. Sager
Text linguistics and translation 262 (3)
Basil Hatim
Think-aloud protocols 265 (4)
Riitta Jaaskelainen
Torah translation 269 (4)
Michael Alpert
Translatability 273 (4)
Anthony Pym
Horst Turk
Translation studies Mona Baker 277 (3)
Mona Baker
Translator-training institutions 280 (6)
Monique Caminade
Anthony Pym
Unit of translation 286 (2)
Kirsten Malmkjoer
Universals of translation 288 (7)
Sara Laviosa-Braithwaite
Part II: History and Traditions
African tradition 295 (10)
Paul Bandia
American tradition 305 (11)
Lawrence Venuti
Arabic tradition 316 (10)
Mona Baker
Brazilian tradition 326 (7)
Heloisa Goncalves Barbosa
Lia Wyler
British tradition 333 (14)
Roger Ellis
Liz Oakley-Brown
Bulgarian tradition 347 (9)
Anna Lilova
Canadian tradition 356 (9)
Jean Delisle
Chinese tradition 365 (11)
Eva Hung
David Pollard
Czech tradition 376 (8)
Zlata Kufnerova
Ewald Osers
Danish and Norwegian traditions 384 (8)
Viggo Hornager Pedersen
Per Qvale
Dutch tradition 392 (9)
Theo Hermans
Finnish tradition 401 (8)
Andrew Chesterman
French tradition 409 (9)
Myriam Salama-Carr
German tradition 418 (10)
Harald Kittel
Andreas Poltermann
Greek tradition 428 (11)
David Connolly
Aliki Bacopoulou-Halls
Hebrew tradition 439 (9)
Gideon Toury
Hungarian tradition 448 (8)
Gyorgy Rado
Icelandic tradition 456 (8)
Keneva Kunz
Indian tradition 464 (10)
Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Italian tradition 474 (11)
Riccardo Duranti
Japanese tradition 485 (10)
Masaomi Kondo
Judy Wakabayashi
Latin tradition 495 (10)
Louis G. Kelly
Latin American tradition 505 (8)
Georges L. Bastin
Persian tradition 513 (10)
Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak
Polish tradition 523 (10)
Elzbieta Tabakowska
Romanian tradition 533 (8)
Janos Kohn
Russian tradition 541 (9)
Vilen N. Komissarov
Slovak tradition 550 (2)
Zlata Kufnerova
Ewald Osers
Brano Hochel
Spanish tradition 552 (11)
Anthony Pym
Swedish tradition 563 (8)
Lars Wollin
Turkish tradition 571 (12)
Saliha Paker
Bibliography 583 (56)
Index 639

This is a landmark publication in the history of translation studies...it is impossible to do justice to this Encyclopedia's many merits....comprehensive, clearly-written, well-documented.
뺽rancisco Gomes de Matos, Language Today

Ground-breaking...essential purchase for all academic libraries.
Library Journal, Nov 1998

A great help to scholars, both for the current information provided as well as for leads to further research. Academic libraries supporting courses in translation studies and related areas will want to add this book to their collection.
Against the Grain, April 1998

Translation...has long deserved this sort of treatment.... Appropriate for any college or university library supporting a program in linguistics, this is vital in those institutions that train students to become translators.
Rettig on Reference, May 1998

Recommended for institutions with graduate programs in translation studies and for professionals and practitioners..
Choice , Dcember 1998
"If you are doing any research on the subject of translation, this book will be your new Bible! It is written in encyclopedia format, so if you know what you're looking for it is easy to find. If not, the table of contents is really well arranged. "

"This review is for the 2nd edition. Baker and Saldanha put a lot of work into this informative work. This is a great source for students of translation who are just starting out, or are looking at a place to begin researching, as well as for industry professionals who simply want to add it to their library collection. The first half of the book is an encyclopedia of translation terms and the second half is dedicated to the history and traditions of translation in over 30 countries. I'm impressed by how they managed to take so much information and squeeze it into one volume while making sure not to lose the most important details. It is also simple enough to understand for non-industry professionals who use translation services and who want explanations of the processes involved in the language industry or to help them understand what to look for when hiring translation services. "

"A rare blend of fascinating reading and authoritative instruction. The example translations alone are reason to pick up the book. "

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